Council Performance overview

Calderdale Council want to deliver services effectively, within budget and to achieve the best outcomes for our residents. We want to be transparent and provide open and accessible information on our performance.

Our ambition is to be the ‘Best Borough in the North’, focusing on three priorities:

To help you see how we are doing in these areas, you can review 15 key measures, or indicators, 5 for each priority, on the dashboards below. The dashboards are interactive allowing you to view current performance of the measure, but also how we compare our progress over time, and against others. More details on our performance, including the exception reports presented to Members, can be found at Council performance .

You can also find the Indicator definitions and a list of the comparator groups used at Dashboard indicator definitions and comparator groups.

You can select a particular priority or rating, for example, and the dashboards will respond. Select a single measure and you will see trend and comparator data.

If you have any questions about how to use the dashboard, or its content, please contact us at .