This profile provides a graphical illustration of how different wards relate to each other, and to Calderdale as a whole, on topics that show how active Calderdale is. These topics include the level of activity in secondary school children, life expectancy at birth, travel to work and school / college, long term health limiting activity, primary school children's weight, and the percentage of residents who exercise for over four hours, 150 minutes or don't exercise each week.

The images give an indication of how the different wards compare to each other and to Calderdale overall, either by size, or by using red, amber and green images. The ward is changed by using the Ward drop down list at the top of the page.

Behind the data visualisation page are two further pages. These contain the data used in the data visualisation, plus some extra data relating to the theme, and notes on how the image colours or sizes are determined.

To view the data visualisation, please use the Download button, then select 'Enable editing'.

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