Income MSOA profile

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This profile provides a graphical illustration of how different MSOAs (Medium super output areas) relate to each other, and to Calderdale as a whole, on topics that cover how income is distributed across Calderdale. The topics include insolvency rates (Bankruptcy orders, Debt relief orders and Individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs)), Deprivation, Household income after housing costs (Percentage of households in poverty after housing costs and Net equivalised weekly household income after housing costs), House possessions claim orders by landlords and mortgage lenders, and the Number of people claiming housing benefits.

There are 27 MSOAs in Calderdale. They include about 2,000-6,000 households, or 5,000-15,000 people and vary in size and population density. MSOAs do not fit neatly into the wards. The nearest 'best fit' ward, as defined by the Office for National Statistics, is listed for reference. A map of the MSOAs and wards in Calderdale is included in this dataset.

The images give an indication of how the different wards compare to each other and to Calderdale overall by the use of red, amber and green images.

Behind the data visualisation page are four further pages. These contact the data used in the data visualisation, plus some extra data relating to income in Calderdale, and notes on how the image colours are determined.

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This overview covers the datasets available to Calderdale as at July 2018.