ODI Leeds

ODI (Open Data Institute) Leeds is a pioneer node of the Open Data Institute HQ and was established in November 2013.

It works with ODI to act as an ambassador for the ODI’s global network, using peer learning and collaboration with the different sectors (public, private, and voluntary and community) in the region to understand and use open data for innovative projects and solutions on a regional, national or global basis.

The ODI “connect, equip and inspire people around the world to innovate with data”. This is achieved by providing leadership, research and innovation, training, supporting startups and talking to the UK government.

Recent innovation projects and events include#FloodHack, #HighwaysHack and #AirHack. There is also a regular monthly drop-in for anyone interested in Open data.

Calderdale Council are proud to be one of the sponsors of ODI Leeds. Other sponsors include Leeds City Council, Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), KPMG, Blook Agency, Highways England, University of Leeds, BJSS and Arup.

Some examples of how open data has been used: