Calderdale perception survey 2024

Is Calderdale a great place to live? 72% of residents think so.

For the last six years we have asked Calderdale residents for their perception of what it is like to live in the borough. Is it a great place to live in? Is it an attractive place to visit? How well do people from different backgrounds get on?

The results from the surveys help us measure how well we have progressed towards achieving our Vision 2024.

2024 is 50 years since Calderdale Council was established. We are using this milestone to reflect on what we have achieved so far, whilst looking at what we can achieve in the future.

Each survey is made up of a core set of questions linked to the Vision 2024 themes (Distinctiveness, Talented and enterprising, Kindness and resilience), plus some questions on more topical subjects such as Covid 19 or the climate emergency.

This year we received 1,050 responses – the second highest number of responses over the six years. We asked 14 core questions. For the second year we asked questions on the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency.

The results show our view of being distinctive, and kind and resilient has increased over the six years. People feel Calderdale is attractive to visit (88%); the arts, culture, music and heritage offer is vibrant, varied and interesting (82%); and people have attended more than one attraction or event in the last 12 months (78%).

Responses to the cost of living crisis showed a slight increase in the number of respondents who feel people in Calderdale are more likely to pull together.

Screenshot of the Cost of living page from the Vision 2024 perception survey results dashboard

This shows the cost of living is still affecting many people, but over a third of respondents are still not sure about support in Calderdale, either from the Council or from other people in the borough.

The number of people making changes to tackle climate change in the last year has reduced but is still positive at 69%.

Screenshot of the Climate emergency page from the Vision 2024 perception survey results dashboard

However nearly 60% of respondents are not sure about what other people and organisations are doing.

As we move into the next decade of Calderdale’s existence, the results from the Perception surveys will help to influence the Council’s ambitions and how we achieve them.

Find the full results of the Calderdale perception survey, including a link to our interactive dashboard, at Calderdale perception survey dataset.

More information on the Council’s vision is available on our Council website at Vision 2024.

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