IoT Showcase and IoTUK Challenger

The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing area of tech, encompassing creative projects alongside real-world applications across health, transport, environment, and more. To explore the potential of IoT, ODI Leeds are collaborating with IoTUK and Digital Catapult to bring you IoTUK Challenger North.  Taking place in Leeds on Thursday 20 & Friday 21 September, it is an opportunity for SMEs to work with … Read More »

Performance dashboard

Calderdale is well on track to becoming the best borough in the North. That’s according to the Council’s latest performance review report. Our reports measure the Council’s performance against 78 key indicators, showing how it is doing against its own targets and compared to other councils. Information on how the Council is performing is available … Read More »

Data Mapper

Data Mapper is an interactive map, focusing on West Yorkshire and using Open Street Map, which has been created by one of our colleagues at ODI Leeds: Data Mapper. The Data Mapper harvests GeoJSON files from Calderdale DataWorks. The ‘drop down’ selection in the top left corner provides the option to add one or more … Read More »

We’re continuing to grow!

We now have over 200 datasets of local information freely available for you to use on DataWorks – data that could help make a difference to residents lives and support business opportunities. All the data is ‘open data’ – free information published in an accessible format with a licence that allows anyone to access, use … Read More »

Local election hex maps

In the lead up to the local elections on 3 May 2018, ODI Leeds have created a hex map using data from the Democracy club. The Democracy club uses crowd sourced data from thousands of volunteers and covers such details as candidates, polling locations, and when elections are held. Using data from the Democracy club … Read More »

State of Calderdale assembly 2018

The State of Calderdale assembly 2018 is being held on Friday 23 March. It brings together key representatives from the public, private, and community and voluntary sector. The assembly provides the chance to discuss what priorities and key issues organisations within the different sectors believe are relevant to the borough of Calderdale, how these can … Read More »

Brownfield land registers: data and maps

All local planning authorities are required to publish and maintain Brownfield land registers as open data (see The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017). Land is classed as brownfield if it has been previously developed. You can see Calderdale’s Brownfield land register at DataWorks: Brownfield land register. All registers are required to … Read More »

Ward profiles

Ever wondered what data is available for the ward that you live and / or work in? On Calderdale DataWorks, we’ve created a series of Ward profiles that provide data on many topics, such as demographics, health and income. Since we first highlighted the profiles in September 2016, these have been developed further to include … Read More »

Ofsted reporting template

Graham Mozley and Andrew Ramsay from Calderdale Business Intelligence team presented to the Data and Insight Authority Forum Summit, in December 2017, about our reporting template for social care front door self assessment for Ofsted inspection and sector led improvement. Calderdale was granted one of eight successful transparency bids from the Local Government Association (LGA) … Read More »

Digital Calderdale: Digital and ICT Strategy for 2018-2021

Our new Digital and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) strategy for 2018-2021 is now available: Digital and ICT strategy 2018-2021. In 2015, we published our original Digital and ICT strategy, the first to be released by an English local authority. Digital transformation is one of the drivers behind local authorities moving from being service driven … Read More »