Ofsted reporting template

Graham Mozley and Andrew Ramsay from Calderdale Business Intelligence team presented to the Data and Insight Authority Forum Summit, in December 2017, about our reporting template for social care front door self assessment for Ofsted inspection and sector led improvement. Calderdale was granted one of eight successful transparency bids from the Local Government Association (LGA) … Read More »

Digital Calderdale: Digital and ICT Strategy for 2018-2021

Our new Digital and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) strategy for 2018-2021 is now available: Digital and ICT strategy 2018-2021. In 2015, we published our original Digital and ICT strategy, the first to be released by an English local authority. Digital transformation is one of the drivers behind local authorities moving from being service driven … Read More »

All aboard the Data bus!

Building on the success of TravelHack and TravelHack2, ODI Leeds have announced a collaboration with the Department of Transport, giving the opportunity to discuss the open data provision in the Bus Services Act 2017. Workshops for local authorities, bus operators, transport data providers, digital developers and others, were held in London, Birmingham and Leeds in … Read More »

Active Calderdale

We want Calderdale to be the most active borough in the north, through the Active Calderdale movement. This aims to get more people in Calderdale more active, more often. This will reduce demand on services, whilst making a significant improvement in the health and wellbeing of our residents. Physical activity can give benefits to both … Read More »

#TravelHack2 – Fare Enough

#TravelHack was an incredible success, where more than 80 people helped write Transport for the North’s data strategy.  #TravelHack2 – Fare Enough held in October, focused on the presentation of fare information to customers, expanding on the ideas and explorations from #TravelHack. Bus fares have been a thorny issue for some time, with competing operators having vastly … Read More »

Interactive dashboards

As the number of our datasets steadily increase, we also want to give a more visual presentation of some of the data we publish. This is being done using a series of interactive dashboards. At present we have published four dashboards on the following data: Annual council budget; Council ward elections; Council performance overview; and … Read More »

State of Calderdale assembly

On Thursday 9 February, the State of Calderdale Assembly was held to look at key issues and how to achieve our ambition to make Calderdale the best borough in the north. The event brought together about 100 key representatives from public, private, and voluntary and community sectors across the borough, and was hosted by Calderdale … Read More »

Neighbourhood ward profiles

Our Neighbourhood ward profiles are the first of a series of data visualisations to give a graphical element to data on the different wards in Calderdale. This highlights information that can affect the neighbourhood that we live in, such as population density, homelessness, income deprivation, overcrowding and benefits claimants. To download the profiles, see Neighbourhood … Read More »

Travel Hack

#TravelHack took place in June hosted by Transport for the North and ODI Leeds to help create an environment powered by open data to help deliver a brand new travel reality for people in the North, making it easier for people to find the best journey and pay the cheapest fare using their preferred payment method. … Read More »

ODI Leeds and Friends Showcase 2017

As part of Leeds Digital Festival 2017, ODI Leeds hosted a showcase of talks by digital leaders, innovators and partners on Monday 24 April. The day was a celebration of open data and tech projects in the region. The day was open to everyone to find out more about their work and current projects, and to learn … Read More »