School Census Data

Did you know that Calderdale has 101 schools, with over 36000 pupils?

Analysis of our pupil data is available within a range of school datasets, which have recently been updated with data for the January 2020 school census. Topics include:

• Number of pupils on Roll
• Ethnicity
• Pupils eligible for Free School meals
• Pupils with special educational needs (SEN)
• Pupils with English as an additional language

This data is collected termly in most cases and published here on DataWorks dating back to 2015.

There are also school based datasets on exclusions, admissions, attainment, budgets and school closures.

As some of this data is recorded by ward we have been able to use the ODI Leeds Data Mapper tool to visualise this school ward data on a heatmap:

This heatmap shows the number of pupils that are on roll in Primary schools in Calderdale as at January 2020.

This tool takes a simple CSV dataset and detects geography columns such as ward names and valid ONS/LSOA ward codes to create a GeoJSON file which can be used to map the data in the Data Mapper tool. This then produces a visualisation with the data that corresponds with each ward in the csv file.

Here is another example using the Data Mapper tool, showing the number of children that are eligible for free school meals in secondary schools across the borough as at January 2020.