Tourism in Calderdale is growing (again!)

Tourism was hit hard during the pandemic (2020 to 2021) across the country. Attractions had to close several times and people were discouraged from travelling any distance.

The tourism figures for 2022 were released earlier this year and show tourism is growing again. This is despite the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Calderdale Council receive a report called ‘The economic impact of tourism on Calderdale’ each year. It is supplied by the Tourism South East Research Unit. The report uses the ‘Cambridge model’ applied to data from two surveys: the Great Britain Day Visits survey and the Great Britain Tourism survey.

Before the pandemic, tourism was growing in Calderdale, helped by filming in the borough for high profile shows such as Last Tango in Halifax, Happy Valley and Gentleman Jack. The 2022 report shows a marked bounce back in tourism in the borough.

Tourism in Calderdale in 2022 was worth an estimated £431.9 million, of which an estimated £335.2 million was direct income for local businesses. The majority of this was spent in catering and retail businesses.

In 2022 tourism supported 8,686 jobs of which around 78% was estimated to be directly supported by the visitor economy. Tourism was just under 10% of the employment in Calderdale (Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES), Office for National Statistics (ONS) annual survey).

The 2022 report and data, together with previous years information. can be found at:

You can also read more at Tourism on the up in Calderdale, Calderdale Council News Centre.