Calderdale Data Works provides open data which is freely available and can be used by anyone to use and republish, without restrictions.

We want Calderdale to become a technical and digital hub and Open Data is a big part of that. Collaboration is key to delivering big priorities like economic growth, social inclusion and public service transformation.

Get involved: use our data, share your ideas, read our stories, submit your own data and help us build a bigger, richer picture of Calderdale.

Latest News

  • August 9, 2018Performance dashboard - Calderdale is well on track to becoming the best borough in the North. That’s according to the Council’s latest performance review report. Our reports measure the Council’s performance against 78 key indicators, showing how it is doing against its own targets and compared to other councils. Information on how the Council is performing is available … Read More »
  • June 8, 2018Data Mapper - Data Mapper is an interactive map, focusing on West Yorkshire and using Open Street Map, which has been created by one of our colleagues at ODI Leeds: Data Mapper. The Data Mapper harvests GeoJSON files from Calderdale DataWorks. The ‘drop down’ selection in the top left corner provides the option to add one or more … Read More »