Calderdale Data Works provides open data which is freely available and can be used by anyone to use and republish, without restrictions.

We want Calderdale to become a technical and digital hub and Open Data is a big part of that. Collaboration is key to delivering big priorities like economic growth, social inclusion and public service transformation.

Get involved: use our data, share your ideas, read our stories, submit your own data and help us build a bigger, richer picture of Calderdale.

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    • July 12, 2017State of Calderdale assembly - On Thursday 9 February, the State of Calderdale Assembly was held to look at key issues and how to achieve our ambition to make Calderdale the best borough in the north. The event brought together about 100 key representatives from public, private, and voluntary and community sectors across the borough, and was hosted by Calderdale … Read More »
    • June 26, 2017Neighbourhood ward profiles - Our Neighbourhood ward profiles are the first of a series of data visualisations to give a graphical element to data on the different wards in Calderdale. This highlights information that can affect the neighbourhood that we live in, such as population density, homelessness, income deprivation, overcrowding and benefits claimants. To download the profiles, see Neighbourhood … Read More »