Footfall Data – Halifax, Brighouse and Elland

We’ve published more Footfall data covering additional sites in Halifax town centre as well as new data for Elland and Brighouse.  This builds on the data previously published from Halifax BID, which covered two sites in Halifax, and footfall and car park usage data provided by Woolshops Shopping Centre in Halifax. 

Data is shown by hour, day, week and rolling 12-months along with a comparison to previous years and is provided by MRI OnLocation (formerly Springboard).  In addition, data for vehicles (bicycle, bus, car and truck) at specific locations in Halifax, Brighouse and Elland is also available.

This complements the cycle lane counter dataset which shows cycle counts from 4 recorders located in Calderdale and our Cycle Lane Counter Dashboard provides a visualisation of this raw data showing the volume of cyclists by month/year and counter location.  We have a similar dataset for Traffic count from 8 counters located around Calderdale and a Traffic count dashboard which provides a visualisation of this raw data split by full year count and snapshot count of vehicles at each counter location.

Let us know if you have other footfall related data for Calderdale that could be published.  We’d also like to know how you’re using this data and if you’re finding it helpful.