Diversity Dashboard

We have developed our published Workforce Profile data for Calderdale so this feeds the Diversity Dashboard developed by Open Innovations and which is supported by our ongoing work with them and sponsors through the Open Data Collaboration Group.

Over the past year or so they’ve been working with Yorkshire Water to create a Diversity Dashboard for the Leeds City Region which enables us to answer questions like:

  • How representative is the workforce of an organisation of the region in which it operates?
  • Is this situation getting more or less representative?
  • What are the organisational blind spots where little is known about a particular protected characteristic?

The dashboard presents information about the following protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010: age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexuality. It also includes information about carers and socio-economic background-although these are not technically protected they are in some sense covered by the Equality Act, and are important markers of diversity in a workforce.

For further information about how the dashboard was created, data sources, future plans, how to provide feedback and how other organisations can get involved by publishing their data in the required format for the dashboard, see – Open Innovations – Announcing the Diversity Dashboard.