#OpenGovTech Launch at Wuthering Bytes

Location: Birchcliffe Centre, Chapel Avenue, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8DG

Date: Wednesday 4th September 2019 1:00PM – 4:30PM

Whatever your experience or understanding of ‘GovTech,’ there is no denying that it can have profound effects on the lives of citizens. From small changes to the way that teams are managed to the deployment of digital services, GovTech is increasingly a platform for public sector organisations to become more innovative.

At Wuthering Bytes, ODI Leeds will be launching #OpenGovTech – an extension of GovTech where tools and resources are developed in the open, shared, re-used, and ultimately made better by the input and experience of everyone. Our aim is to share what has already been created – we’ve made a great start with some tools like the CSV Cleaner and CSV-to-GeoJSON Converter – and work together to help define #OpenGovTech so that it can benefit everyone, and create the kind of environment needed so that open innovation can thrive.

More information about events and workshops at this year’s Wuthering Bytes tech festival in Hebden Bridge from 30th August to 8th September