Annual Performance Report

Our 2022/23 Corporate Performance Report has the following main areas of focus:

• Children subject to a Child protection plan and Children looked after
• Percentage of safeguarding referrals where the investigation is completed within 12 weeks of the alert being made
• Children looked after with an up to date Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire
• Percentage of streets with unacceptable levels of litter / detritus
• Permanent care home admissions (age 18 to 64)

Our annual performance report also shows how the Council is performing against our key performance indicators and when compared to other councils. We treat a selection of these as super key performance indicators, as they have the biggest impact on the people of Calderdale and are aligned to our priorities. 

Next year, the borough will celebrate its 50th birthday and reflect on its Vision for the year 2024. In the run up to this important year, the Council is committed to delivering against its aims and objectives and demonstrating progress on the Council’s three priorities of building strong and resilient towns, reducing inequalities and tackling climate change, despite major local, national and global issues.

For more information, see press release – Reflecting on a year of challenges and improvements.

Information about how the Council is performing is available all year round here on Calderdale DataWorks through our recently improved interactive performance dashboard, quarterly performance reports and almost 300 open datasets available to be viewed and explored. The dashboard enables you to filter the data by corporate priority or theme, vision theme and individual indicator showing historical and comparator data and performance against targets.

The Council’s performance and progress over the last year has also been recognised as part of the recent external Corporate Peer Challenge Review. Local Government experts spent four days at the Council and produced a glowing report which focussed on themes including local priorities and outcomes, organisational and place leadership, governance and culture, financial planning and management and capacity for improvement.  The report also highlighted the value of Calderdale DataWorks:

CMBC have got really good data sets and tools as evidenced through Calderdale Dataworks and excellent community intelligence on which to base your improvement. This puts Calderdale in a very strong position to develop the Vision beyond 2024 on a firm foundation of both lessons learned from developing the Calderdale 2024 Vision and the enhanced understanding of local context provided by Calderdale Dataworks.

LGA Corporate peer Challenge Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council 21st to 24th February 2023 Feedback report

Calderdale Council Corporate Plan 2022-2024 sets out our strategic way forward, aims to take our distinctiveness, talent, enterprise, kindness and resilience to the next level.

Calderdale Council is committed to deliver our Vision 2024 and three strategic priorities to reduce inequalities, develop thriving towns and tackle the climate emergency. Our ability to deliver change and meet current and future challenges and improve the lives of our residents, businesses, and visitors is evidenced within our corporate performance framework.