Census 2021: first results

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the initial results from Census 2021 28 June 2022. Five data sets were released. These cover population and household results at local authority level, and are rounded to the nearest 100.

The data sets are: population by sex; population by five year age group; population by five year age group and sex; population density; and household. Our Census 2021 data set has links to the ONS data sets: Census 2021 data set.

We have published a briefing note on the first results for Calderdale: Census 2021 Calderdale results briefing note.

Headline figures for Calderdale: changes between Census 2011 and Census 2021

  • The population has increased by 1.4% from 203,800 to 206,600;
  • The population density has increased from 560 people to 568 people per square kilometre;
  • The number of households have increased by 2.1% from 88,621 to 90,500;
  • The number of people aged 65 years and over have increased by 21.0% from 32,472 to 39,300;
  • The number of people aged 15 to 64 years have decreased by 3.1% from 133,903 to 129,800;
  • The number of children and young people aged under 15 years have decreased by 0.1% from 37,451 to 37,400;
  • The number of females increased by 1.4% from 104,199 to 105,700 and the number of males increased by 1.1% from 99,627 to 100,700.

The Census 2021 data set also has links to other resources released by the ONS:

  • Population and household estimates: statistical bulletin;
  • How the population changed in Calderdale: interactive breakdown;
  • Age and sex estimate comparison interactive tool;
  • Census map game.

Census data is also used by ONS to revise the boundaries for Output areas (OAs) – an geographical area of 100 – 625 people (40 – 250 households). OAs are the smallest geographical area Census data is available in and are grouped to create LSOAs (Lower level super output areas) and MSOAs (Middle layer super output areas). Information on how the OAs in Calderdale have changed are available on Census 2021 data set.

Full details of the planned releases by the ONS over the next eighteen months or so can be found at: Census 2021.