Strengthening our use of data to tackle poverty and the cost-of-living crisis

Poverty in Calderdale: selected statistics – the Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboards – is a collection of dashboards about poverty statistics in Calderdale on the Calderdale Dataworks website. Ten new dashboards have been added about: housing affordability for buyers and renters; people eligible for carers allowance; people claiming universal credit who have completed work capability assessments; trends in numbers of households claiming universal credit; and trends in numbers of people claiming disability benefits.  There is a new home page which links to four screens showing either the latest Calderdale results for all statistics, or those for households, people, or children.

The dashboards have been developed alongside the Calderdale Ant-Poverty Action Plan to provide evidence of poverty in Calderdale.  The plan has been produced in consultation with local partner agencies.  It is available on the Calderdale Council website at Money and Wellbeing in Calderdale.

The dashboards are updated with new information each month.  There is a “Guide” dashboard which includes information on the latest updates available from the “Guide” link in the top tool bar.

Examples of the new screens can be seen below.

Local stakeholders took part in a webinar about how to use the dashboards on 14 November 2023.  A copy of the slides is available on Calderdale Dataworks.

Image of the Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboards home page
Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboards home page

Image of the Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboards All Statistics page
Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboards home page
Image of the Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboard showing trends in the number of people eligible for carers allowance
Calderdale Anti-Poverty dashboard: People eligible for carers allowance: results over time