Census 2021

Census 2021 was taken 21 March 2021. It is run every ten years by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It gives us the most accurate estimate of all people and households in England and Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland have separate censuses).

The information you give in the census is used to help decide how services are planned and funded in your local area. This includes local planning decisions for housing, providing local health services such as GP surgeries, and how to improve local bus services or cycle routes.

ONS will start to publish the results in early Summer 2022. For the latest information see Census 2022.

The first results will be unrounded population and household estimates by local authority level and by sex and age.

These will be followed by a series of topic summaries. The summaries will be published two to three weeks apart, starting in Summer 2022. The planned order is:

  1. Demography and migration;
  2. Ethnic group, national identity, language and religion;
  3. Health, disability and unpaid care;
  4. Housing;
  5. Labour market and travel to work;
  6. Sexual orientation and gender identity;
  7. Education;
  8. Armed forces veterans.

As the results are published, we will include links to them on Data Works.

For more information on censuses in England and Wales, plus links to censuses in Scotland and Northern Ireland, see Census.