Calderdale Anti-Poverty Dashboards

Calderdale Council and its partners in the Calderdale Anti-poverty steering group are working together to help tackle poverty in the borough. 

The work of the partnership is reported through the Calderdale Anti-Poverty Action Plan. which has three areas of focus:

  • Prevention: Identifying necessary work to be done to support residents and protect them from falling into poverty;
  • Intervention: Providing immediate support for those residents who may be in poverty;
  • Resilience: Providing support and the means for residents to stay out of poverty.

To support the partnership and their work we have developed the Calderdale Anti-Poverty Dashboards, a collection of dashboards of statistics on different aspects of poverty experienced by people and communities in Calderdale. The dashboards have been produced in consultation with local partner agencies.

The dashboards include the latest published results for 17 statistics, including data at ward and lower layer super output area (LSOA) where available. New data is added each month. New data is added each month.

Map of Calderdale wards showing Council Tax debt by ward, July 2019

Three new dashboards have been published:

Number of individual insolvencies in Calderdale 2013 to 2018

Data sets for existing dashboards that have been refreshed including:

Map showing the percentage of children in poverty 2018/19 by LSOA (lower layer super output area)

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