Net Zero Hack for Impact

Open Innovations are holding their next hackathon which will be for all things net zero. They’re working with Northern Powergrid in their ambition to support our region to meet its decarbonisation pledge. To do this, they want to engage with other Distribution Network Operators (DNO; companies licensed to distribute electricity in the UK), utilities, sectors and industries, finding new innovative ways to publish, use and share data.

Open Innovations will be bringing together friends and sponsors, and other organisations from the energy sector including utilities, local authorities, universities, SMEs, innovators and more – and asking questions about how these organisations can collaborate and share data to support Northern England’s transition to net zero.

The aim is to find innovative solutions to some of the challenges facing the energy sector, in a competition to create the best open (or shared) data-driven prototype that solves a real challenge. A prize will be awarded to the team with the best data challenge and the best solution.

Northern Powergrid are also committed to supporting and accelerating innovation in the energy sector. This is why they’re planning to bring teams together in a competition to build data-driven prototypes that will accelerate progress towards net zero. Over the full day, teams will work together to solve a data challenge, and the winning team will receive a prize.

Through the event they aim to show people the value gleaned from sharing data and working in the open. They will be asking for data donations that will be collated in the links below, to demonstrate how open data can be used to solve challenges with real world impact.

If you have an idea, a question, a data challenge or just a passion for net zero then they want to hear from you! Teams and data challenges will be decided at a warm-up online event on the 5th December before the main event on 31st January.

Get in touch to secure your spot! [email protected]

More information on the Open Innovations website here.