Climate Emergency Data

As part of Calderdale Vision 2024 a Climate Emergency Action Plan has been put together to protect Calderdale’s Distinctive Environment.

The Action Plan is made up of 4 main components including:

1. Transport: How we can travel more sustainably within the Borough. 

2. Communities and People: How we can be more efficient in the community and our homes.

3. Resilience and carbon reduction: How Calderdale can implement Environmental changes within the local environment.

4. Food: How we can make changes to our food consumption and where we import produce from.

As part of this Action Plan Calderdale Data Works now have a live Air Quality Dashboard that displays a feed of data from the air quality stations, measuring NO2, PM2.5 and PM10; showing average levels for the last two days against the year to date within a 24 hour timeline.

Calderdale Data Works also has a range of different datasets that relate to Climate Change, including:

  1. Diffusion tubes,
  2. Flooding,
  3. Cycling,
  4. Tree Preservation Orders.

Data Works are constantly looking for new datasets that link into this theme, so that data can be used to help tackle the Climate Emergency.

#PlanetData at ODI Leeds

Location: ODI Leeds, Munro House, Leeds

Date: Friday 29th November 2019

ODI Leeds are also keen to make a difference and help tackle Climate Change, therefore they have planned the #PlanetData event to bring together key partners to focus on highlighting Climate Emergency Challenges and the actions we can take going forward. This is an open invite so why not come along to see what ideas you could bring to the table.

ODI Leeds are keen to share open data and collaborate with partners who may have potentially helpful data that can link into projects that are already being drawn up or projects that are yet to exist!

Register to attend #PlanetData on Eventbrite.

The Trafford Lab has linked into Planet Data by sharing a tool they have created to support Local Councils; so that they can visualise their own data related to Climate Change. These are downloadable packs for each authority. Find Calderdale’s pack here.

More useful Calderdale Council documents related to Climate Change:

  1. Environmental Policy.
  2. Corporate Travel Plan.
  3. Air Quality – Lets Clear the Air Campaign.
  4. Calderdale Energy Future Strategy.
  5. Calderdale Community Energy.