Traffic Count and Highways Dashboards

There are now 11 interactive dashboards available on DataWorks:

Our newest dashboard is a Traffic Count dashboard, which is a visual representation of the Traffic data that we already have published on DataWorks.

This dashboard includes a number of different visualisations, including data related to the cameras that are turned on all year round showing the fluctuation in traffic on the roads throughout the year, also the locations of the traffic count cameras in Calderdale on a map and data related to the cameras that are turned on over the summer period to capture traffic data at other locations within Calderdale.

One of our other new dashboards is the Highways Performance Dashboard, which includes data on a number of Highways Key Performance Indicators including the number of service requests reported to the Council, the percentage of street lights with known faults as well as the number of people reported killed or seriously injured on the roads on average, annually.

Both Dashboards are interactive, giving you the option to determine what detail you want to see. For example, filters can be applied to select a specific time period of the data and there is the option to select one or more at a time.