#PlanetData2 hosted by ODI Leeds

Location: Online webinar

Date: 29 April 2020

ODI Leeds hosted their first Planet Data event back in 2019 in response to the Climate Emergency. This was an event where people could share work/data that they were working on to find help or amplify their work so that it could be seen by the right people.

ODI Leeds work in a ‘Radically Open’ way to help speed up innovation and get things done; therefore they have now planned #PlanetData2 event to allow more discussions on the Climate Emergency to take place. This is going to be an online webinar event on the 29 April 2020.

This event will be to discuss the ongoing Climate Emergency and help towards making decisions that can help us create sustainable futures. #PlanetData2 will be a series of lightning talks and interactive sessions designed to encourage people to think about their climate action going forward.

Register to take part in online webinar on Eventbrite, to find out what other people and organisations are doing, how you can help, and what happens next.

Calderdale Council are also keen to do their part in helping tackling the Climate Emergency. As part of Calderdale Vision 2024 a Climate Emergency Action Plan has been put together to protect Calderdale’s Distinctive Environment.

Calderdale Data Works now have a live Air Quality Dashboard that displays a feed of data from the air quality stations, measuring NO2, PM2.5 and PM10; showing average levels for the last two days against the year to date within a 24 hour timeline.

Calderdale Data Works also has a range of different datasets that relate to Climate Change, including:

Diffusion tubes
Wildflower sites
Electric vehicle charging point usage
Tree Preservation Orders

Data Works are constantly looking for new datasets that link into this theme, so that data can be used to help tackle the Climate Emergency.