Open Data Showcase

Leeds Digital Festival 2023

Our friends at Open Innovations will be 10 years old in November. To kick off their celebrations they are hosting a Showcase during Leeds Digital Festival on September 28th. This will take place in person at their innovation space in Munro House and will include talks, presentations and demos by some of their most recent partners.

They get asked weekly for help, advice, input and opinions on data, how to use it, share it, visualise it, analyse it and ultimately use it to make a difference. The Showcase is an opportunity to see how they work, who with and the tangible outputs of this work.

The aim is that other people, organisations and businesses will see the impact that working openly can have and start their own radically open journey. Free & open to all – please come along to learn, share and do.

For more details about the event, including write-up and slides see – Open Data Showcase 2023