Consistent Financial Reporting

Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR)

CFR is a framework which provides a standard template for schools to collect data about their income and expenditure by financial year. All maintained schools provide the data to their local authority in a financial statement each year. The Consistent financial reports dataset contains the data for all Calderdale maintained schools, and is used to populate this dashboard.

Notes on the data:

  • The list of schools will include schools which have converted to academies since the start of the 2014/15 financial year – only income and expenditure up to the date of conversion is included. This could mean the final year’s data is for only part of the financial year, or a school name does not appear when later years are selected;
  • The number of classes has been calculated using the number of admissions divided by 30 and rounded to give an indication of the number of classes per year;
  • Castlefields infant school and Longroyde junior school merged during 2016/17 to become Longroyde primary school;
  • Cragg Vale J and I school and Calder High school merged in 2017/18 to become the Calder Learning Trust.