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  • Updated 3 days ago

    Ryburn Ward

    The Ryburn ward dataset includes the ward map; demographic profile; Public Health England local health report; Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) factsheet; Public health data; a ward hex map; and primary and secondary school census data. Ryburn ward is the second largest ward in Calderdale. It covers the wooded Ryburn Valley and large areas of open moorland and countryside either side of the valley. The main residential areas are alo...
  • Updated 3 days ago

    Schools data by ward

    A signpost to the school data available at ward level. The ward is determined by where the children and young people live, rather than the ward that the school is situated. For other open data available at ward level, see Calderdale wards. These are links to other datasets, please select the Visit button to go to the relevant dataset
  • Updated 4 days ago

    Secondary School Admission Timeline

    The timeline for secondary school admissions for children moving to secondary school in September 2017. For more information about School Admissions, see - School Admissions in Calderdale
  • Updated 6 days ago

    Council Performance

    Our Corporate Performance Report contains Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) focussing on exceptions; indicators which clearly have a significant change in performance. The report includes the top key performance indicators (Super Key Performance Indicators (SKPIs)) which have been chosen due to their direct impact upon residents of Calderdale. Our performance dashboard is interactive allowing you to view current performance (15 key mea...
  • Updated 7 days ago

    Salary Scales

    Salary pay scales for Council staff
  • Updated 13 days ago

    Public Food Register

    Details of all Calderdale establishments registered to sell food including, name, address, ward and type.
  • Updated 14 days ago

    Digital inclusion profiles

    A series of profiles on how different sectors of the resident population in Calderdale use and view digital technology. These have been created to help inform how we interact with our customers. The analysis and images used are from Experian Mosaic Public Sector 2014, and use the latest Calderdale data from May 2017. Mosaic divides the population into 15 sectors or Groups. A description of each group is included in this dataset.
  • Updated 14 days ago

    Schools List

    Calderdale schools including, contact details, address, website, number on roll, status and type. Routinely updated when notified of changes. You can also search online for school details, maps, performance tables and ofsted reports - Search for Schools
  • Updated 17 days ago

    Calderdale Data Works Webstats

    Views, visits and downloads of the datasets published on our Data Works platform. Please note, each file uploaded on the site is listed and this may include files now deleted or changed. This dataset has information from to show the number of downloads for each file and from Google Analytics to show the number of visits, unique visits, time spent, bounce rate and exit rate for each dataset.Our Open Data is also published on...
  • Updated 18 days ago

    Transformational Change Programmes

    Change programmes positively drive the Council towards organisational transformation. This is needed for the Council to remain fit for purpose as a modern public sector organisation, now and in the future and to focus on our key priorities and the performance that underpins them.  Reports on the 7 transformation change programmes are monitored on a rolling basis and will be published here once they become available.   Also see - Counc...