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    Breast feeding family friendly places

    Breast feeding friendly family places including, type, address, contact number and full time/part time.  Please note this list is only where the NHS Foundation...
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    Tree Preservation Orders

    These datasets contain the order number, category, entity and species relating to the Tree Preservation Order. Where the file type allows, the geographical extent of the Tree...
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    Complaints received including, directorate, outcome and the dates received and responded to. This data is also used to populate the Corporate complaints dashboard . The...
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    Schools List

    Calderdale schools including, contact details, address, website, number on roll, status and type. Routinely updated when notified of changes. You can also search online for...
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    Public Food Register

    Details of all Calderdale establishments registered to sell food including, name, address, ward and type.
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    Public Health Funerals

    Public health funerals, including date of birth, date of death and funeral cost. Public health funerals are funerals arranged by Local Authorities for those people who have died...
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    Information about Counter Fraud work including use of powers, employees and fraud cases.  This information is published as part of the Local Government Transparency Code.
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    Defibrillators owned by Calderdale Council or Calderdale Schools, including address and number of units. In case of an emergency please ring 999. Please note that the school...
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    Staff count - people

    Number of Council staff (not including schools) - people.
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    Staff count - Posts

    Number of Council Staff Posts (not including schools).
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