Business Properties - Complete List

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All business rateable properties including: Property Reference; Property Address; Property Postcode; Property Description; Liable Party Name; Rateable Value; Liability Start Date; Relief Indicator; Ratepayer (excluding any where the ratepayer is an individual/partnership etc). Properties having their charges calculated on the small business multiplier only are also marked SBR. So properties with an RV above £15,000 are not receiving any percentage relief.

Please see an explanation of the applicable codes below:

  • SBR = Small Business Rate Relief
  • DCR = Top Up Discretionary Charity Relief
  • MCR = Mandatory Charity Relief 
  • EX = Exemption From Empty Rates (temporary or ongoing) - relief code explanations
  • DOR = Discretionary Rate Relief (not for profit making organisations)
  • ER = Empty Rates Payable
  • DRR = Retail Premises Discount (to 31/03/16 only)
  • MAR = Mandatory Community Amateur Sports Club Relief (CASC)
  • MVR = Mandatory Rural Rate Relief
  • DVR = Discretionary Rural Rate Relief 

As of April 2019 the following data is now included: Discretionary Relief % and start date; Mandatory Relief % and start date; Exemption Granted and start date; Empty Property flag and start date; SBR - 100%; SBR - Sliding Scale NS SBR - Lower Multiplier

For more information on business rates in Calderdale, see the council website: Business Rates.


There are 9,350 properties on the list at date of extract with a total RV of £161,253,121.


There are 9,350 properties on the list at date of extract with a total RV of £161,253,121.