Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

As part of Calderdale’s Vision 2024 a Climate Emergency Action Plan has been put together to protect Calderdale’s Distinctive Environment.

There are lots of ongoing projects and work being done around the Climate Emergency Action plan so below are links to all the relevant places that we think link into this piece of work.

Our Projects

  • Air Quality Dashboard – We have a live interactive Air Quality Dashboard which takes data from three air quality monitoring stations around Calderdale.
  • Performance Climate Emergency Dashboard – We have an interactive performance Dashboard which includes a range of performance measures and targets related to the Climate Emergency theme.
  • Climate Emergency Datasets – We have started to collate a range of datasets that relate to the Climate Emergency topic so that all relevant datasets are in one place.

Wider Calderdale Projects

  • Lets Clear the Air’ – Libraries Project – This is a new project that will focus on one of the Councils priorities to ‘Clear the Air’ and will engage the public with research around air quality and respiratory Health.
  • District Heat – Calderdale Council are currently in the process of building a strong business case so that a District Heating system can be installed in Halifax Town centre.
  • Slow the Flow – Led by Volunteers in the Calder Valley Community – Volunteers work together to build natural sustainable Drainage Systems and other renewable methods of managing the environment. This Project was initially set up to look at the issues of why and how the Calder Valley floods.
  • Air Quality – ‘Lets Clear the Air Campaign’ – This campaign was put together to improve the environment within Calderdale and is a fundamental part to Calderdale’s Vision 2024. The Air Quality issue cannot be solved alone; therefore this campaign is aimed at encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.
  • Calderdale Community Energy – This group is focused on energy saving and renewable energy, they run projects and work with groups who want to take on their own projects.

Other projects

  • Carbon Intensity API – The Carbon Intensity API uses machine learning and sophisticated power system modelling to forecast the carbon intensity and generation mix 96+ hours ahead of each region in Great Britain. This is broken down regionally so Calderdale comes under the Yorkshire region.
  • PlanetData4 – One of Open Innovations missions is focused on the Climate emergency challenge, PlanetData events bring people together to solve the climate crisis by being #RadicallyOpen.
  • PoweredUp – local authorities and net zero – Local authorities have a crucial role in helping the UK achieve net-zero. The majority of councils across the UK have either developed or actively developing climate action plans.

Policies and Plans

  • Environmental Policy – Calderdale Council have an Environmental Policy to support the Building a Sustainable Future priority which includes an action area around tackling Climate Change.
  • Corporate Travel Plan – Calderdale Council have a Corporate Travel Plan that aims to reduce the number of car journeys made by people and encourage the use of public transport.
  • Calderdale Energy Future – Calderdale Council and its partners set up CEF to transform Calderdale into a resilient low carbon economy. With an aim of achieving 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020, from a 2005 baseline.
  • Environmental Management System – Our EMS helps us meet our Environmental Policy commitments. Including preventing pollution and complying with legislation to improves the Councils over all activities on the Environment.

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