Complaints compliments

Complaints and compliments

We value the feedback we receive from our customers and use these to improve and inform our services. You can find more about our complaints procedures at Calderdale Council: Complaints and compliments.

This dashboard uses the data available in the Complaints and compliments dataset to give an interactive view of the number and breakdown of the complaints and compliments we receive. Data is broken by:

  • type of complaint or compliment,
  • directorate,
  • financial year,
  • time taken,
  • status.

Complaints can also be filtered by ward.

Data and information related to Local government and social care ombudsman complaints can be found at Complaints and compliment dataset.


  • The type Complaint relates to complaints made under the Council’s Complaints procedure.
  • The types Stage 1 complaint, Stage 2 complaint and Stage 3 complaint relate to Children’s social care complaints (see Calderdale Council: Complaints and compliments for more detail) and are only included within the Number of complaints;
  • Compliments cannot be filtered by ward because we do not collect postcodes for compliments.