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  • Updated 16 days ago

    Business Rates - Empty Properties

    Calderdale Council
    Includes: Liable Party Name; Property Reference; Rateable Value; Property Address; Property Postcode; Relief Code Description. The list includes properties that are in the initial statutory 3 / 6 months unoccupied period, following which they may or may not subsequently become liable for an empty rates charge. As of April 2019, data also includes the empty start date. For more information on Business rates in Calderdale, see the council...
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Business Rates - Businesses with a Rateable Value of less than £15,000

    Calderdale Council
    Businesses with a rateable value of less than £12,000 up until Jan 2019, then less than £15,000 thereafter including : Liable Party Name; Property Reference; Rateable Value; Property Address; Property Postcode; Net Debit; Liability Start Date; Relief Indicator and Small Business Rate% Properties having their charges calculated on the small business multiplier only are also marked SBR. For that reason there are Net Debits for properties ...
  • Updated 16 days ago

    Business Rates - Small Business Rate Relief

    Calderdale Council
    Properties receiving Small Business Rate Relief, either at the maximum amount or on the tapered relief for qualifying properties with Rateable Values (RV) between £12,000 and £17,000. Includes: Liable Party Name; Property Reference; Rateable Value; Property Address; Property Postcode. For more information on business rates in Calderdale, see the council website: Business Rates.
  • Updated 17 days ago

    Road maintenance and repairs

    Calderdale Council
    Annual capital expenditure on road maintenance and repairs on roads within Calderdale.
  • Created 18 days ago

    Licensed dog and cat home boarders

    Calderdale Council
    License information about animal boarding services including kennels, catteries, and home boarders. Updated annually in July.
  • Updated 18 days ago

    Parking Permits

    Calderdale Council
    Information on parking permit schemes in Calderdale including streets with parking schemes, number of resident parking permits,total revenue from residential parking permits and volumes of parking permits issued, split by permit type.
  • Updated 19 days ago

    Pay Policy

    Calderdale Council
    In accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, the council has agreed a pay policy statement that covers a number of matters concerning the pay of the authority's staff, principally Chief Officers. This information is also published as part of the Local Government Transparency Code. Also see our Gender Pay Gap which we publish as part of our Public Sector Equality Duty.
  • Updated 20 days ago

    Calderdale Data Works Web stats

    Calderdale Council
    Sessions, page views, users, devices and referrals for the DataWorks platform using information from Google Analytics. The interactive dashboard provides data by month from September 2018 for sessions, page views, users, devices and referrals to DataWorks. Previous years are covered by static dashboards. Excel and csv files give data on the use of datasets published on our Data Works platform. Please note, each file uploaded on the site...
  • Updated 23 days ago

    Sports Classes and Participation

    Calderdale Council
    Sports classes in Council Sports Centres including, class, capacity and attendance. For more details on sports classes visit Calderdale Sports and Fitness
  • Updated 25 days ago

    Council Performance

    Calderdale Council
    Our Corporate Performance Report contains Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) focussing on exceptions; indicators which clearly have a significant change in performance. The report includes the top key performance indicators (Super Key Performance Indicators (SKPIs)) which have been chosen due to their direct impact upon residents of Calderdale. Our performance dashboard is interactive allowing you to view current performance (15 super ke...