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    Calderdale IMD 2015 Results at LSOA, Neighbourhood and Ward

    Calderdale Council
    The Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is one of a set of English indices of deprivation, and are released by the Department for Communities and Local Government every three to five years. The latest statistics are for 2015, and use data from 2012 to 2013. IMD results are sometimes used as criteria for external funding bids (eg Big Lottery). IMD 2015 is the Government’s official measure of relative deprivation for LSOAs. LSOAs are sma...
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    Calderdale Council
    Number of potholes reported to the Council by the public for each year, broken down by ward. The figures represent customer service requests relating to potholes rather than potholes filled.  NB: The data may contain reference to more than one defect and the figures do not include potholes identified by either the Council's safety inspectors or as part of any find and fix initiative.
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    Cycle Storage

    Calderdale Council
    Location and number of cycle storage facilities, including stands, shelters and lockers. Details include: description, number, location, town and geographical co-ordinates.  Cycle storage locations on google maps.   Please let us know via if you are aware of any changes.