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Spreadsheet Environment
  • Updated 8 days ago

    Inclusive Economy

    Calderdale Council
    The Organisation for Economy Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines inclusive as "economic growth that creates opportunity for all segments of the population and distributes the dividends of increased prosperity, both in monetary and non-monetary terms, fairly across society". The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) identified a list of 18 Inclusive growth monitor indicators to provide a benchmark of how an area is performing. This dat...
  • Updated 22 days ago

    Environmental Health Service Requests

    Calderdale Council
    Numbers of top level service requests received by the Environmental Health Service . An explanation of each category is also provided.
  • Updated 23 days ago

    Countryside Volunteers' Expenses Claims

    Calderdale Council
    Expenses claims made by Countryside Volunteers including, date, number and amount paid.
  • Updated a month ago

    Metro Cards Use and Savings

    Calderdale Council
    Data taken from Calderdale Council Resource Booking System, where staff are able to book Metro cards for business use. Highlights data on cost of Metro cards, number of journeys made, miles travelled, car miles saved, CO2 saved and costs of peak time travel saved. Please note data for 2017 has been collected slightly differently to previous years. Produced on an annual basis in line with when the annual Metro cards are purchased. Metro ...
  • Updated a month ago

    Diffusion Tube Data

    Calderdale Council
    Diffusion tubes are small, relatively inexpensive air pollution (nitrogen dioxide) monitors.  They are small plastic tubes, open at one end with a gauze at the other end.  The gauze is soaked in a chemical that captures the pollution and lets us work out the average amount of pollution in the air. This data has all of the monthly pollution levels measured in Calderdale using diffusion tubes since 1993.  The older measurements (1993-200...
  • Updated a month ago

    Affordable Housing

    Calderdale Council
    Affordable houses built in Calderdale including, number, locality, funding and provider. We have also published a document which explains the data and some of the acronyms and terms used.
  • Updated 2 months ago

    Traffic Count

    Calderdale Council
    Traffic count from 8 cameras located around Calderdale. Please note Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken.  Cosit - camera ID number which indicates the camera location (see Camera Locations document below). Period - length of time count was taken.  LaneNumber - Lane ID number which indicates the number of lanes.  LaneDirection - the number of directions the lane or lanes go.  Direction - the direction of the l...
  • Updated 3 months ago

    Fly tipping

    Calderdale Council
    Details of the incidents of fly tipping reported to the council, and top ten streets for reports of fly tipping.
  • Updated 4 months ago

    Electric Vehicle Charging Points

    Calderdale Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Bradford, Leeds, Kirklees and Wakefield Councils collaborated with Engie to install 88 rapid charging points for electric vehicles across West Yorkshire. Calderdale's current charging points are located at: North Bridge Leisure Centre car park High Street Car Park Bethel Street (Please note: The North Bridge Electric Vehicle Charging Point is currently out of order.) This da...
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Wildflower Sites

    Calderdale Council
    Sites where wildflowers have been sown as part of the Grow Wild Project - Calderdale Corridors of Colour, co-ordinated by Safer & Stronger Communities. Please contact Mark Dempsey at if you have suggestions for other potential public spaces that would benefit from a wildflower site. For further info on Grow Wild projects visit Grow Wild