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    Listed Buildings

    Historic England
    Listed buildings including location, name, grade, designation date. © Historic England 2018. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2018. The Historic England GIS Data contained in this material was obtained on 2018. The most publicly available up to date Historic England GIS Data can be obtained from
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    Calderdale Council
    Cemeteries including names, location in eastings and northings and website link.  This data has been derived from Ornance Survey base mapping. (C) Crown copyright [and database rights] (2016) OS (licence 100023069).
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    Ancient Monuments

    Calderdale Council
    Ancient monuments in Calderdale including location, name and date - Data from Historic England - More information can be found on the council website: Ancient monuments
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    West Yorkshire Mapping

    ODI Leeds
    GeoJSON files created daily from Open Street Map. The data are split into the following main categories: amenities buildings landusage leisure natural railways roads waterways Within each category, the types assigned in the raw data are used to further split the data into separate GeoJSON files. We also provide breakdowns for Leeds, Bradford, and Calderdale. *This is a processed dataset derived from official published sources. ...
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    Council Venues

    Calderdale Council
    A list of Council venues that can be booked by the public.