All aboard the Data bus!

Building on the success of TravelHack and TravelHack2, ODI Leeds have announced a collaboration with the Department of Transport, giving the opportunity to discuss the open data provision in the Bus Services Act 2017.

Workshops are for local authorities, bus operators, transport data providers, digital developers and others, and will be held at:

  • London: 23 November;
  • Birmingham: 29 November;
  • Leeds: 6 December.

The Department of Transport want to build a robust open data policy and platform which will deliver the best outcomes for passengers, and be integrated in into the way the department regulates the industry. TravelHack2 showed the level of engagement and awareness of open data among bus operators. Many do not know what open data is, and how it can be used. These workshops give the chance to raise the knowledge and use of open data, answering a desire for a more open transport industry where the passenger is put first.

For full details, including how to book on one of the workshops, see All aboard the Data bus!