Data Mapper

Data Mapper is an interactive map, focusing on West Yorkshire and using Open Street Map, which has been created by one of our colleagues at ODI Leeds: Data Mapper.

The Data Mapper harvests GeoJSON files from Calderdale DataWorks. The ‘drop down’ selection in the top left corner provides the option to add one or more of the datasets to the map. This can then be used to analyse where there may be possible links in the datasets, eg cafes and parks.

Where datasets are large, if there are a number of points in very close proximity, then the data is shown as a cluster. This helps to ensure that any delay in displaying the information is minimised as much as possible. However, if you zoom into an area showing a cluster, it will then show the individual points.

To learn more about each dataset, click on the relevant dataset name in the top left corner. This displays information on the dataset, plus the option to download the data.

New datasets are regularly being added to Data Mapper. Alongside data from Calderdale, you can select data provided by Bradford Council, Kirklees Council, Environment Agency and Flood Network, Open Street Map, national open data sites (such as Open Plaques, Historic England, ONS). There are some from outside West Yorkshire too.

To find out more about how the tool works, all is explained in this blog from ODI Leeds.