Digital Calderdale: Digital and ICT Strategy for 2018-2021

Our new Digital and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) strategy for 2018-2021 is now available: Digital and ICT strategy 2018-2021.

In 2015, we published our original Digital and ICT strategy, the first to be released by an English local authority. Digital transformation is one of the drivers behind local authorities moving from being service driven to being citizen-centric in their approach.

However, digital technology is constantly evolving, and we want to integrate this new technology where possible, not just support government processes, but to better shape desired outcomes such as health and the economy. Our citizens are more and more digitally savvy and we have to meet the expectation for the Council to have the same approach.

This new Digital and ICT strategy for 2018-2021 reflects the need for robust, secure infrastructure, cheaper and improved digital services, and improved digital skills, not just for the Council, but for all residents and businesses within the borough. It supports the use of partnerships, across all sectors (public, private, and voluntary and community) to help make Calderdale the Best Borough in the North for all things digital, such as self service options for Council services, the promotion and use of open data and transparency, and using technology such as LoRaWAN (Low power wide area network). At the same time, the strategy also ensures that those who are unable (for any reason) to make full use of the digital opportunities available, are not left feeling isolated.

Alongside the strategy are a series of case studies and Bobbie’s story, showing how digital technology can help in many ways, see Digital Calderdale.