Neighbourhood ward profiles

Our Neighbourhood ward profiles are the first of a series of data visualisations to give a graphical element to data on the different wards in Calderdale. This highlights information that can affect the neighbourhood that we live in, such as population density, homelessness, income deprivation, overcrowding and benefits claimants. To download the profiles, see Neighbourhood ward profiles .

You can view a profile for any one of the Calderdale wards, or Calderdale as a whole. The images and figures change for each selection, giving an indication of how the different wards compare to each other and to Calderdale, either by a change in size, or by using red, amber and green images.

Behind the data visualisation page are two further pages. These contain the figures behind the images, plus some additional data relating the neighbourhood theme. There are also notes on how the image sizes or colours are determined.

Further profiles in the series will include active ward profiles and economic ward profiles. We hope that these will provide key ward data in a more user friendly way.