Ward profiles

Ever wondered what data is available for the ward that you live and / or work in? On Calderdale DataWorks, we’ve created a series of Ward profiles that provide data on many topics, such as demographics, health and income. Since we first highlighted the profiles in September 2016, these have been developed further to include more datasets. The information available now includes:

  • Ward demographics, including gender, age, ethnicity, religion, employment, and housing;
  • Public Health England Local health reports, including population, deprivation, child development, health and care, children’s health and care, hospital admissions, and mortality;
  • Indices of multiple deprivation, including income, employment, housing, crime, health, education and living environment;
  • Public health data, including demographics, families, accidents, mortality, housing, diseases and older people;
  • Maps, including polling districts and hex maps showing populations changes and density, housing, EU referendum results, car ownership and qualifications.

There are links to our growing range of interactive profiles. These enable you to compare your ward with other Calderdale wards on a range of indicators. The interactive profiles available so far are:

  • Active Calderdale profile (secondary school children activity, life expectancy at birth, travel to work and school / college, long term health limiting activity, primary school children’s weight, and residents regular amount of exercise);
  • Economic profile (attainment levels, household and personal income, employment rate, Gross value added (GVA), sources of employment, Jobseekers allowance (JSA) and Employment and support allowance (ESA));
  • Income profile (bankruptcy, debt relief and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) rates, deprivation, percentage of households in poverty and net equivalised weekly household income after housing costs, house possessions claim orders by landlords and mortgage lenders, and housing benefits claims);
  • Neighbourhood profile (benefits, homelessness, life expectancy at birth, income deprivation, population density and overcrowding).

The Ward profiles page also provides links to schools data available at ward level, including attainment, free school meals and number on roll.